OEE Monitor for iOS

Continuous improvement starts with understanding your processes and key performance indicators. If your organization can’t measure performance, how do you decide on which problems to solve?  To help identify which problems to work on, you need a metric that considers uptime, productivity, and product quality.  You need to track Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

AutoLean’s OEE Monitor allows you to compute Overall Equipment Effectiveness metrics and store for historical retention. Create an OEE calculation, and view through an organized list of Assets and Production Dates.

Identify opportunities in Availability, Productivity, and Quality.

  • Highly interactive charting capabilities
  • Compare performance by Production Shift
  • Track process improvements
  • Understand the impact of machine downtime
  • Email OEE Reports to co-workers and colleagues
  • Estimate machine capabilities and production potentials

OEE Monitor app for iOS is excellent for on-the-floor problem solving activities, and Kaizen events! Compatible with iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad devices running iOS 7.0 or later.

Download today from the App Store!

  • OEE App for iOS - Screenshot 1
  • OEE App for iOS - Screenshot 2 - Graphing Capabilities
  • OEE App for iOS - Screenshot 3 - Shift Comparison
  • OEE App for iOS - Screenshot 4 - Overall Equipment Effectiveness Calculation