From rebuilds, upgrades, or new installations; AutoLean can provide the guided resources necessary for a successful automated process implementation.

Project Management

Planning, organizing, and managing resources are all key phases for a successful project implementation. Being able to manage day to day tasks and orchestrating a project simultaneously can be a difficult responsibility for any manager. Hiring services to manage projects is a good way for organizations to stay focused on the daily tasks at hand, without utilizing essential internal resources for project implementation. At AutoLean, we will work with your suppliers, contractors, and customers directly to ensure your business can stay focused, and expect a successful implementation.


Drafting Services

Real-time communication with our customers enables effective outsourced CAD services and better value for our customers’ dollars. AutoLean’s affordable and reliable CAD and drafting services offerings fulfill the very needs of your engineers and contractors.

Robotics Programming

AutoLean offers robotics programming for product changeovers and system integration projects. We understand the importance of keeping cycle times to a minimum, and strive to maximize throughput on your production lines. From palletizing to dual arm coordinated motion, AutoLean has the experience to provide unique and customizable solutions for your robotic processes.

Control Loop Optimization

Industry data has shown that in the average plant, only one-third of the control loops are functioning properly at any given time. The remaining two-thirds contribute significantly to excessive alarms, process upsets, reduced product quality, and increased operator loading. Call on AutoLean to optimize your process control systems.

Systems Integration

From initial design and consultation through system development, commissioning and support, we provide you with innovative control and automation solutions to keep your systems online. The experience we provide will result in cost effective solutions, reduced down time and total asset protection.