AutoLean develops desktop and mobile applications for public and private enterprise distribution.  We have over 5 years of experience in mobile application design, development, and deployment.

Software Consultation

By being fluent in multiple languages such as C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, HTML, PHP, C#, .NET, Objective-C, and many others; we are equipped with all of the necessary tools to provide your organization the most appropriate software solution.  We can guide your organization into using SCM properly, or track with project management applications to ensure your software project is built in the most effective way possible.

iPhone & iPad Development

We have designed and developed over 50 iOS apps for enterprise and public distribution.   AutoLean can quickly deploy a new iOS app within your organization and provide the necessary training and documentation for easy on-going maintenance.  From healthcare organizations, manufacturers, small businesses, non-profits, and sports enthusiasts, we have developed enough apps to provide your company with both the experience and available resources for managing any iOS project of any size.

Our iOS offerings include:

  • Modern Objective-C development practices
  • Xcode Server installation and deployment
  • Free private GitHub repositories
  • Heroku, Parse, & Salesforce integrations
  • Custom REST API development
  • Push Notifications
  • App Store Distribution
  • B2B and Volume Licensing Available

Android Development

AutoLean provides world class enterprise and consumer Android application development services.

Our team has developed various types of Android mobile applications including native Android applications, Android compatible web-based applications, and Hybrid applications. AutoLean has deep experience with the latest tools and practices such as:

  • Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Base porting to custom hardware
  • SOAP, RESTful, Web Services, JSON & XML Parsing
  • Accelerometer, GPS, and Location Services
  • Push Notifications
  • Market, Appstore, and Google Play Distribution

.NET Framework

A large portion of our clients have existing Visual Basic, or C# applications implemented using the .NET framework.  Whether you are looking to migrate to another platform or upgrade to the most recent .NET framework, call on AutoLean to take lead.

Mac OS X App Development

For those engineering and design firms who have an “all-Apple” IT infrastructure, look no further for a custom solution.  AutoLean provides public and private app development and distributions services for small businesses and enterprise.

We have nearly 5 years of experience using OS X Server in the case you need low cost services implemented in your facility.  Ask us how we can quickly integrate your mobile platform with your existing infrastructure.

Cloud Services

Bringing your processes and business applications up to date with database backends and cloud services are essential to maintaining a competitive advantage.  We use services like Heroku, Parse, and Salesforce to maintain your user base and to provide a plethora of new features in your applications.  Call on AutoLean to take your app to the cloud.