5S Audit iOS Update | Version 2.0

5S Audit iOS

5S Audit iOS Update

5S Audit iOS update now includes a new beautiful interface and is optimized for iOS 7.   We also knocked out a couple bugs that a few of our customers also pointed out.

  • Sort
  • Simplify
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain

It is a process designed to organize, clean and standardize the workplace, and instill a discipline required to keep it that way.

AutoLean’s 5S Audit app is the best way to benchmark your housekeeping performance. Ideal for manufacturing areas, offices, and work sites.  When 5S is implemented, employees maintain their work area in a state of order and cleanliness, for simplifying their tasks, while sustaining and continuously improving their work environment.

Implementing 5S in your work areas will provide:

  • Higher safety levels
  • Higher morale from bright and clean workplaces
  • Increased product defect detection
  • Increased equipment failure detection
  • Identification of misplaced tools
  • Less “searching” waste
  • Less “motion” waste
  • Less worker frustration
  • Identification of excess or inadequate supply inventory

Using AutoLean’s 5S Audit app is an excellent way to monitor and track improvements of your 5S implementation.

The 5S Audit app will be FREE on the App Store this week only!

Download the 5S Audit app today, and start identifying improvement opportunities with your production assets and work areas.  Also let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement in future 5S Audit iOS Updates!