Ideal Kanban Size for iOS

A kanban calculator used to determine the ideal bin quantity of units. Great for any manufacturing or work flow process!

One of the main reasons for implementing Just in Time (JIT) as part of lean manufacturing is to reduce inventory.   We use inventory to protect us against various problems in our processes such as:

  • Inefficient or unreliable manufacturing processes
  • Faulty equipment
  • Long changeovers or inconsistent setup times
  • Employees inadequately trained

By using Kanban Size, you can quickly estimate the appropriate bin size for your process!  The Kanban Size app will also help you determine the total number of cards you’ll need going forward.  Understanding your bin sizes can help reduce work-in-process items, and eliminate multiple types of waste in your processes.

Use this simple lean manufacturing utility to help kick start your inventory and flow path improvement opportunities!

Download Kanban Size on the App Store today!

  • Kanban Size for iOS
  • Kanban Size for iOS
  • Kanban Size for iOS