Takt App

Takt is a universal iOS app for iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch that will allow you quickly and effectively calculate takt time.

Perfect for any factory, production cell, system, or simple process!

Identify the rate your production cell needs to operate in order to produce JIT (Just-In-Time).

Simply provide the customer demand in units/day, and the production cell’s availability and you will be provided a takt time in seconds/unit.  By using this simple app from AutoLean, you can understand the tempo or cadence of your manufacturing process.

Be sure to also reach out to AutoLean for lean manufacturing consultation!  We provide on-site lean manufacturing consultation to improve metrics like Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and more!  Also, don’t forget to share your metrics with us on twitter or facebook!

Download Takt from the App Store today!

  • Takt for iOS
  • Takt for iOS
  • Takt for iOS