Proximity & Mobile Applications


When AutoLean first launched, we went after the opportunity of connecting manufacturers to mobile applications.  This vision was to allow anyone in any size business to make better decisions real-time. By increasing mobility on the floor we could enable improvements in productivity, profitability, and safety at all levels in the organization.  This principle has led us to selling hundreds of thousands of apps on the App Store, and partnering with multiple Fortune 100 & 500 clients.  It has been an exciting journey for us, and we are even more excited to be working on the next chapter of our company story.  Mobile applications have allowed us to be closer to our processes than ever before, and now is the time for us to turn on true proximity and location-awareness capabilities.

In the next couple weeks, AutoLean will be releasing a suite of Bluetooth low-energy devices that will improve the experience of our existing app users, as well as enable our enterprise clients to be more aware and connected to the manufacturing processes around them.  Our new line will enable proximity & location awareness in nearly all manufacturing environments.

We plan on making an announcement in the next couple weeks but would like to extend to our followers the first opportunity to take part of this new platform.  Our proximity and location-aware enabling devices will provide the following set of features:

  • Apple iBeacon license
  • 2 Year battery life (for all battery powered models)
  • Up to 70 meter range (for most models)
  • Indoor, Outdoor, and Explosion-Proof enclosures with multiple mounting options
  • iOS apps to management and ease of deployment
  • Affordable prices and concessions on bulk ordering

For early access to our new product line, be sure to register your email for first notice.  Again, this is an exciting time for manufacturing and mobile apps.  Be sure to contact us directly, or read more about our mission, vision, and promise.