Introducing Quick OEE for Android!

Quick OEE for Android

2015 is bringing a lot of great Android apps from AutoLean, Inc.  Our first is one of the favorites on the iOS App Store and that is Quick OEE – the quickest way and most informative way to calculating Overall Equipment Effectiveness.  Introducing Quick OEE for Android!

It is available on Google Play for FREE!

Quick OEE is a simple universal app used to calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is compatible for any type of production cell or asset. Useful for kaizens, and asset management projects.  Understand improvement opportunities in availability, quality and productivity.  We’ve simplified the OEE calculation as much as possible by only requiring 5 data points for a full calculation!

OEE breaks the performance of a manufacturing unit into three separate but measurable components: Availability, Performance, and Quality. Each component points to an aspect of the process that can be targeted for improvement. OEE may be applied to any individual Work Center, or rolled up to Department or Plant levels. This tool also allows for drilling down for very specific analysis, such as a particular Part Number, Shift, or any of several other parameters. It is unlikely that any manufacturing process can run at 100% OEE. Many manufacturers benchmark their industry to set a challenging target; 85% is not uncommon.

Quick OEE also allows emailing Overall Equipment Effectiveness data out from the app to colleagues and co-workers.  Sharing Overall Equipment Effectiveness metrics could not be any quicker or any easier!