Company Highlight – Strength of Nature Global LLC

Today’s blog post will feature a company called Strength of Nature Global LLC based out of Savannah, Georgia. Strength of Nature “is the choice manufacturer of innovative hair care solutions that specifically address the critical hair care needs, styling, and desires for Consumers of Color.” The company has created 11 different brands to specifically target individual needs. They also have outreach programs that benefit civic centers, churchs, salons, and hair schools.

William Kersh is a Production Supervisor and Mechanic working in the Kitting Department for Strength of Nature. He uses AutoLean’s OEE Monitor app exclusively to track the efficiency of his machines. He discovered the app while searching the App Store. William is currently compiling a month’s worth of data and then plans to use that information to make changes as needed.  His reports are already showing positive improvements.

Your company can benefit from OEE Monitor by tracking uptime, downtime, productivity and product quality.  Compare working shifts, and different production lines to identify opportunities for improvement.   OEE Monitor is also a great tool to track positive trends in your kaizen events.

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