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AutoBeacon | AutoLean’s iBeacon

AutoBeacon Features Range: up to 70m / 230’ Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad & Android 2 Year battery life (running 24 hours / per day / 350ms interval) 6 month iBeacon specification battery life (running 24 hours / per day / 100ms interval) Technical Specifications 55mm x 55mm x 15mm (2.16” x 2.16” x 0.59”)… Read more »

FREE Apps | iPhone & iPad for Manufacturing

AutoLean FREE Apps

FREE Apps AutoLean is making all iOS FREE for this week only.  Get them from the App Store now! 5S Audit – Manage your work areas, audit them against world-class 5S Coating Weight Calculator – Manage recipes and calculate coating usage that is machine specific OEE Monitor – Manage an unlimited number of production assets by shift, and… Read more »

Best Practices | Sharing & Implementing

Sharing & Implementing Best Practices For those of you who use our apps, Thank you! Let us know how you use them!  Share with us your best practices and we will contribute back on our twitter, instagram, facebook, and blog accounts.  Tell us about your role, company and specific problems you are trying to solve…. Read more »

Proximity & Mobile Applications

Proximity When AutoLean first launched, we went after the opportunity of connecting manufacturers to mobile applications.  This vision was to allow anyone in any size business to make better decisions real-time. By increasing mobility on the floor we could enable improvements in productivity, profitability, and safety at all levels in the organization.  This principle has… Read more »

Push Notification

Version 2.3 – Push Notification This week we are updating our iOS Apps to enable push notification capability. You will find this enhancement in Version 2.3 of our products. Push notifications will allow us to better connect with our customers, and provide real-time connectivity between users in the same organization… more on this to come… Read more » ~ your most influential followers on twitter and instagram Introducing! This past year we built technology to better understand our social network connections.  After realizing that our core technology had purpose and could be packaged we decided to build an app. Download it for FREE from the App Store! –… Read more »

Company Highlight – Strength of Nature Global LLC

Today’s blog post will feature a company called Strength of Nature Global LLC based out of Savannah, Georgia. Strength of Nature “is the choice manufacturer of innovative hair care solutions that specifically address the critical hair care needs, styling, and desires for Consumers of Color.” The company has created 11 different brands to specifically target… Read more »

Customer First | Our Commitment

Customer First A cornerstone principle of AutoLean is ‘Customer First’. Ensuring our internal and external customer needs are communicated, understood, and delivered upon are essential in establishing and maintaining 100% customer satisfaction. To help grow and nurture our customer relationships even further, we regularly follow-up with existing clients to ensure their product is meeting their… Read more »

Quick OEE iOS Update | Version 3.0

Quick OEE iOS

Quick OEE iOS Update The recent Quick OEE iOS update now includes a more intuitive interface to help users understand each component of a good Overall Equipment Effectiveness calculation.  Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Quick OEE is a simple universal app used to calculate OEE as quickly and efficiently as possible. It… Read more »

Economic Order Quantity | Version 3.0

Economic Order Quantity iOS

Economic Order Quantity iOS Update The recent Economic Order Quantity iOS update now includes a more intuitive interface to help users understand each component of the EOQ calculation.  Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Calculate economic order quantity to minimizes total inventory holding costs and ordering costs. EOQ is useful when demand for… Read more »